Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm back

Hello my dear friends,
just a short post to wish you all a wonderful weekend and a happy June.  Above is an ATC  I made with lace as a background and  below is a petite lavender pillow made for a friend. The image is from
my friend Carol Anne @ Carol Anne's Boutique Thank you Carol Anne! She creates beautiful artwork and shares her beautiful images with us.If you haven't visited go and have a look.

 I'm still having problems leaving comments on certain  Blogs.How about you?? So just in case you haven't heard from me - that is why. Whishing you all a wonderful weekend my dear friends and as always thank you so much for stopping by and for all your lovely comments.

Hugs and love, 


khess136 said...

You are such an inspiration to me, Marie! Your work is beautiful. I just got a sewing machine and have been busy making "snippet" rolls, but I want to try my hand at some atc's and larger. I'm doing a wedding atc swap and I think I'll try your idea of using lace for a background...or maybe I'll use tulle. Whatever I choose, I know I will try my hand at sewing it on the machine! Thank you for all your inspiration, lovely Marie!

sonya said...

Hi Marie,
I love the image on your ATC and all the lace. The beads are an added plus. Your pillow is divine. The handwriting is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing-I always enjoy stopping by.

Martina2801 said...

Hi Marie, glad you're back. You have done a wonderful job once again . I'm (as always) impressed and inspired by your works. Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

It always brightens a day when you post.
Serena (as she is know at The Stampsmith) is a favourite image and you have created a stunningly beautiful ATC with all that lace.
The pillow is equally delightful.
Yes, I am having problems with some blogs.

Chris said...

Marie, you never cease to amaze me with your gorgeous projects. I love all the little pink beads on the ATC and the image is simply beautiful. Your lavender pillow is equally beautiful and I can imagine it smells divine.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.
Chris x

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Welcome back Marie.
Your ATC is so beautiful.
About blog comment= try to remove the check in the box for 'keep me signed in' if it´s checked. That might help (hope this makes any sence for you)
Have a wonderful evening
xo Tina

Lululiz said...

Great to see you back again, woohoo! And with such a beautiful ATC as well. Gorgeous little lavender pillow, you always pick the nicest graphics.

Angela said...

I love your post, the lavender letter is precious and romantic.
I had problems with leaving comments too, so frustrating! but now I switched to Google Chrome and everything is fine now.

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Sweet Marie,
I'm so happy that you are back blogging with your new computer.
"Serena" is such a gorgeous image and you have done her proud with the way you have framed her and beaded her. The little lavender pillow has such beautiful writing on the card.
I am doing exactly as Tina is to
comment on blogs - it's the only way I know at present.
Hope your weekend is going well my dear friend. Thinking of you,
Big hugs from Suzy

Joanna said...

Hello Marie,

Great to hear from you again! And you're back with this BEAUTIFUL ATC and SWEET sweet pillow!

I hope you get sorted soon on Blogger :o(

Jeanie Callaghan said...

They are both so lovely, Marie!

Shabbylishious said...

Hi Marie! :)
I have read it helps to not tick of for always staying logged in.
I havent had a single problem, awkward this.

Now enilighten a novise Norweigan. ATC means? Anyways what yoy show of is drop dead gorgeous. And the blog you are linking to WoW! I am heaing off there now. Suspect I'll be hanging around in there for a while. Hihi.
Thanks for joining my Giwe away.Crossing my fingers for you. I have sowed 9!! roses today to put in my etsy shop, better take a break now.
Lots of kisses.

Ann said... good to have you back! Your ATC is beautiful,the pink beads so delicately "resting" along the side of the lovely image,nestled in lace! Your pillow is gorgeous!! I am always in awe of the beautiful things you create! :)

artistamyjo said...

What a lovely creation. I'm having trouble leaving comments on some blogs! The worst is I can't join any new blogs. My followers are there but I can't follow anyone new. Such a pain ! So happy to see you back.
Hugs, Amy

Kasia said...

Ah, french stuff, always a pleasure to see and experience! I love the decor, and the subtle colours are stunning! :)


sharon said...

Everything you make is just beautiful! The atc is so gorgeous, and the pillow is divine!
Blogger has been crazy lately , you are not alone!
Have a wonderful weekend Marie!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Welcome back, dear Marie!!! I love both of your beautiful creations.
What a shame that you have still those blogger problems. Maybe Tina's tip can help for now and hopefully they will solve that problem soon.
Have a great day and have fun and luck at the flea today :-)!
Big hugs,

FarfallaDK said...

Hi Marie.
Your ATC is so lovely!
I really like the laces and the large stitches. The photo is pretty too.

XO FarfallaDK

Dorthe said...

Hi sweetie, for me too,-but try this:
When you sign in to your
google account, uncheck the
stay signed in button...

It helps me everywhere :)
Marie, your little ATC and pillow are both wonderful. and I totally love the added Eiffel Tower -looks gorgeus with the pillow, dear.
Hope you have a lovely the sun shines from abowe :)

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

So lovely! Wishing you a happy June as well.
enJOY a beautiful Sunday,

Miss Iowa said...

Welcome back, Marie! Glad to see that you haven't lost your mojo when it comes to creating beautiful things. I was finally able to leave a comment on one blog that had been causing me problems--the gal changed the type of comment window she was using. Wish I knew more about this computer stuff sometimes. LOL

Rhonda said...

Welcome back, Marie. Your blog so inspires me, you have no idea.

I cannot post a comment unless I "uncheck" the box that says stay signed in. So, it is still broken and I cannot believe they can't figure this out.

2amscrapper said...

Such delicate lovelies!

bikim said...

love the things you do!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy week,

Nancy Maxwell James said...

this is such a gorgeous and lovely ATC! I always love the images you use. Hope you are staying cool!

Annchen said...

so beautiful!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Dear Marie,
Oh my, how I love your creations...both are absolutely exquisite my friend!! You have such a gift at creating beauty and I am Always so inspired by what you do! The lace and the gorgeous details you add make your pieces extra special!!
Thank you so much for so sweetly mentioning my blog, you are such a good friend Marie! I can't even begin to tell you how touched I am! And seeing the Paris envelope in your stunning lavender pillow was such a delightful surprise! It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed the image!!
Sending you a Big Hug~
Carol Anne

Diana said...

Oh I just love your work. And that Atc is gorgeous with that beautiful girl surrounded by all that lace. You incorporate so many elements I love. Thank you for the eye candy.

ANGIE said...

Hi Marie. Welcome Back! I think someone already mentioned this, but what I learned from Blogger is to Un-check the "stay signed in" box when you sign in the first time you leave a comment. It worked for me.

I love your ATC! It's so delicately feminine. The little pillow is charming.

Wishing you a wonderful week,

JoAnne said...

Welcome back Marie! I also was having problems leaving comments but seems to be back to normal. Beautiful atc and pillow!

penny4thoughts said...

Hi Marie - glad you can post again :-) I always love dropping by to see what pretty things you've made and am always rewarded with such inspiration! Have a great day - Penny

Xela said...

Schön das du wieder da bist :)
Das ATC ist super klasse geworden gefällt mir total gut.
und bis jetzt habe ich noch keine Probleme mit Blogger ich hoffe es bleibt auch so.
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Guriana said...

Marie, I love how you use laces!!:))

Lynn Stevens said...

Marie,I always seem to let out a sigh when ever I see your art. It takes my breath away!
hugs Lynn

Clemonscifj said...

Ah, french stuff, always a pleasure to see and experience! I love the decor, and the subtle colours are stunning! :) Hugs,

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