Friday, June 17, 2011

Adventure in soldering

Hello my dear friends,
today I would like to share my house shaped charm with you which was quite a challenge for me. Notice; no
jumpring on top:) I just couldn't do it so I soldered the charm on instead. Below you can see my first try at soldering a petite box - let's just say I'm not ready for that but I'll keep it as a reminder to not give up,lol.

And below a gothic arch - I really love how it turned out.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends and thank you so much for stopping by and for all your lovely comments.

Hugs and love,


Ana Márquez said...

I really love it!! :-)

Ira said...

My my girl, you did it again... leaving me speechless... Love that gothic arch, it's sooo special! Have a fab weekend, hugs, Ira

JoAnne said...

I love them all Marie!

Wax Beach Artist said...

I love your solution to the jump ring! Ha, you can't keep a good artist down. Beautiful.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

The charm is a beautiful addition.
Tell me, do you cut your own glass?
The images are perfection.

sonya said...

Hi Marie,
Your soldered pieces are fabulous. That was a good idea just to solder on the charm!
The gothic arch piece is just beautiful!
And don't give up, girl! You do beautiful work!

La Minomalice said...

I like very much!!! It´s vintage and beautiful!

A greeting

Kathy said...

Marie, they are very them all really. Do you have a shop, I was looking for a link, but didn't see any. You have a very special talent...

Karen B. said...

Marie!!! WOW ~love all of your new work!!!
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Kasia said...

Beautifully done! I love the pieces!

I invite you to my giveaway as well! :)


Lululiz said...

I need a tutorial! Your pieces are so inspiring, I really want to give it a go myself. I think your petite box is so charming, so don't you diss it!

sharon said...

Your charms are so wonderful Marie, and I absolutley adore your shabby chic box! Yes, I agree, how about a tutorial! I always love love love your work!

artistamyjo said...

They are all wonderful marie.
Nicely done!
hugs, Amy

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Marie,
These are so very beautiful!
I have bunches of little projects sandwiched under glass, just waiting for me to take out the old soldering tool. Keep sharing, you may actually inspire me to get a move on with my works.
enJOY a lovely weekend,

Something Special said...

Very beautiful pieces. You don't know how long I have wanted to try my hand at the soldering too.

Maybe I will after many other projects are done. I am swooning anyway over your lovely creations!

MosaicMagpie said...

I have to know how you did the little soldered box? It is so cute! The jumpring is easier if you lay the piece you are soldering the jumpring to on another piece of glass. Let the end extend out and you can hold the jumpring right where you want to attach it! Now tell me about that box!

Ann said...

just beautiful Marie!!! wish I had your talent!

Tarnished and Tattered said...

Love the soldered charms. You are making me want to get my soldering iron out. Your soldered bottle in the previous post is precious. You always get my creative juices going Marie!

Barbara Jean said...

I really love the one with the key in it.
All you7r work is so beautiful and fun!

barbara jean

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

The charm on top of the house was such a clever idea, Marie! I love that! Your other two pieces turned out beautiful too.
Have a wonderful weekend, sweetie!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Marie, there really is no stopping you now and you know what they say - practice makes perfect. They are just so gorgeous I really love the arched piece and all the images are gorgeous. No I am not about to attempt any of it - I think you have this under your belt so beautifully and I can just come here to admire them.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend dear friend,
Love and hugs,

Robin said...

Each of these charms, are for lack of other words, "charming", LOL!! What a great idea to use a charm instead of a jumpring...just brilliant. Your petite box and gothic arch are simply divine too. Have a great weekend.


Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Marie,-
they looks gorgeus dear, I love them all-never tryed a box myself-and am sure it is a very difficult project.
The arch looks fantastic with the lace edge, and beautiful lady.
Hope your week-end is super,
Hugs, and xxx

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Marie ~
These are so wonderfully gorgeous my dear ~ love all of your little touches! Lovely Blessings my dear.

Miss Iowa said...

Good for you, trying something new. I've never soldered so it's an opportunity for me to see and hear someone trying it for the first time. Thanks for sharing!

margits bastelstube said...

hi marie,
these charms are very beautiful!

Terry said...

Marie, all of your soldered charms are exquisite. So beautiful! Have a lovely weekend!

Suz said...

What a nice job! You are really trying some difficult things for being a solderer for such a short time. Next you will be doing 3-D houses!! I loved your solution on the first one. That is really clever. Big hugs and thanks for your support.

Lynn Stevens said...

Well Marie, your just having too much fun soldering! They look wonderful, the arch is gorgeous.
A little tip on soldering on the jump ring. If you get one of those tools, I think its called helping hands. it has these clips and swivel arms, you can hold the glass and use needle nose plyers to hold the jump ring, makes it super easy to handle. The helping hands is really reasonable ,just a few dollars!
hope this helps
hugs Lynn

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Marie,
Oh my goodness, how I Love the charms you create...they are so Exquisite!! I adore the shapes and the petite box is, so beautiful!! I am just in awe of the beauty you create, thank you so much for sharing, I just Love to visit you Dear Marie!!
Carol Anne

Xela said...

Du warst ja mega fleissig. Das kleine Teil mit dem Schlüssel drin sieht einfach gigantisch gut aus.
liebe Grüße Alexandra

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