Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bird soldered charm

 Today I finished this soldered charm, which has been sitting on my table for some time.The image is from Artchixstudio ( Feather your nest post )  This was easy and fun to do. Below is a photo from last year I wanted to repost as it reminds me of spring. Are you ready for spring too?

This is the back of the charm.

Thank you so much  for stopping by and for all your lovely comments.Have a great day.

Hugs and love,


BLISS angels said...

yES i'M so ready for the spring, warmspring days with pale green leaves on all the trees and plants.. birds singing... oh yes hurry up spring... and the charm is charming sorry I couldn't help myself hugs wendy

umelecky said...

I am so ready for Spring. Beautiful charm. I love everything birds.

PeggyR said...

I like what you did! This is something I want to try, I just haven't had the patience for it yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO ready for spring, Marie! Today the sun is out, the sky is so blue! But it's in the 20s! Counting blessings that I'm in a nice, warm house! Hope you are too.

Anji Johnston said...

Ready for Spring - you have no idea!!
Your charm is just gorgeous Marie!

andrea said...

That charm is so cute , how can I learn that !can you send the links please ,is just beautiful! talent it artist!! thanks for sharing it!thanks

sonya said...

Hi Marie,
I love the soldered charm! I made a couple for my giveaway. Yes, I'm really going to have one! Honest! I made two collages and am making a third one because one of the other's has a nest and I'm afraid it will get destroyed when I mail it out. Sooo!
Yes, I am ready for spring and I love the photo.
Hope all is well with you.

sharon said...

Gorgeous charm...I so love the birds, and spring! Just beautiful Marie, simple and perfect!

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your charm is beautiful Marie. Wish I had the time to learn to solder. Have been on my wish list for a very long time now.
xo Tina

artistamyjo said...

What a lovely charm ! yes I'm ready for Spring,counting the days.
There are 33 to be exact!
hugs, Amy

Chris said...

I'm definitely ready for spring! There's a biting cold wind here in my part of the UK today.

Your soldered charm is lovely, Marie. Something else on my long list of things to learn. lol

Chris x

Terry said...

Marie, Your charms are just beautiful! Love them both!

Miss Iowa said...

This is gorgeous, Marie! Thanks for showing both sides--I would have assumed that the back was plain, or solid. Yes, I'm ready for spring. Although I can't complain right now because it's been above freezing the last 3-4 days and quite a bit of snow has melted.

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Hi Marie,
Oh my goodness, your charm is absolutely gorgeous, I love it! I have always wanted to learn how to do this, hopefully one day I will. :)
For the past few days we have had Spring-like days here in Arizona, a high of 79 today...how I wish I could send some of our warm weather your way!
Have a Happy Wednesday Dear Marie!
Big Hugs,
Carol Anne

Lynn Stevens said...

Am I ready for spring??? You have no idea!
Such a darling charm Marie, I love both sides!
hugs Lynn

Flowermouse Design said...

Marie, this is gorgeous. The little nest makes it so special!!!

Spring? Please please please!!! We´ve had blizzard for 4 days and are soon burried in snow....

stampdiva said...

Hi Marie
A special touch to decorate the back of the charm. I lol when you say this is "easy" as soldering is so elusive for me I try and try and always fail.
I am growing lilacs from bulbs and this morning as I came into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, one of the bulbs is sprouting :)

Feathers and Flight said...

Dear Marie!
Your Work is so Beautiful! I am thinking I might need a Soldering Gun! These Look like they could be a lot of Fun!
I am sorry I have fallen behind on getting Back to you. Katelyn has been sick and Sporting a significant Fever. She is feeling a bit Better today. Relief!
Thank you so Much for your Visits and Support! I still can't believe That my piece will be Published!
Your Work in the Smitten Class is Lovely!I have Really enjoyed the Class!
Happy Wednesday Friend!

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to check that out...beautiful work!

Ira said...

Somehow I missed your gorgeous charm Marie! It's absolutely darling again, as usual!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Marie, a beautifull charm, and a beautifull photo from last spring-
I love the bird and it`s nest-
Here it is frezing cold, and a wind blowing,to make it all seems even colder.
Big hug,

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Dein charm ist super schön geworden, Süße! Ja, der Frühling könnte jetzt wirklich gerne bald kommen und uns mit Sonne und sprießenden Blumen erfreuen.
Vielen Dank für Deine liebe e-mail :-)!!!

Lululiz said...

I love the way you have finished the gorgeous charm off with that sweet little bird nest dangling below it. So charming, and just perfect for Spring ( I wish Spring would hurry up and arrive, I have had enough of winter for now ). x

Evie said...

I try not to be boring with my comments but sometimes there's only one word I want to say - beautiful!!

Spring is just around the corner even though I woke up to freezing fog today, but it doesn't seem to upset the birds!

Something Special said...

Hi Marie, I have been wanting to do some of those souldered charms. In fact I need to learn how to do it so I can make about 20 for girls camp. Is there a good tutorial somewhere that you know of? I just love those kinds of pendants and yours are so lovely.

Tiffany Steers, Sylacauga, AL said...

Love your blog. You are so talented. Your soldered charms are beautiful...Visit me at thecrankyqueen.blogspot Thanx, Tiff

Barbara Jean said...

Love the sweet simplicity of your little nest, wreath, plant vignette!!

barbara jean

Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are darling! so springy and wonderful! Hope you are keeping warm - this snow has to stop soon because spring isn't too far away right?! :) Have a wonderful Sunday dear!

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