Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ooops - my fabric collage turned into a tag

I absolutely wanted to use that PW  image and do a small fabric collage. Well, let me tell you, the girl just did not cooperate.I tried her on so many fabrics but nothing worked. So she ended up on the tag and I think she feels at home there. Does that sometimes happen to you too? 
As always thank you so much for stopping by and for all your lovely comments. A warm welcome to my new followers as well. 

Hugs and love, 


Robin said...

She looks lovely on your tag!


Ella said...

She is lovely; This is happening to me today! Some things I am making are just going off in different directions. I,like you are trying to go with the flow~

Susan Allan said...

All the time.
Just go with the flow.
She is lovely and happy in her situation.
Sue xx

suziqu's thread works said...

We would have been none the wiser anyway but yes this happens I can assure you!
Hugs, Suzy

Katsui Jewelry said...

That is such a nice tag! She looks very much at home on your tag!

CuddlyBunny said...

A lovely tag! Clearly meant to be just as it is!

And yes, we all travel hither and yon to arrive back where we never intended to go. Luckily we're lost together. :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

The tag is gorgeous, dear Marie! Obviously that girl was just meant to go on that tag :-).
Have a lovely Wednesday!

sonya said...

Hi Marie,
Yes, that has happened to me too. Many times. But you know I think that's just the way it is suppose to be. It usually ends up being better than what you envisioned.
Beautiful tag, Marie.
Have a great Wednesday.

Guriana said...

I laugh to your post..:))
sometimes happens...:))
lovely tag!!:))
thanks for your visit and lovely words:)

Dorthe said...

Marie, she looks beautifull in her little home...
I often works, for very long--and then cut it all in smaller pieces ,to start all on over---almost the same!
I love the way she can hang.
Hugs, and kis-to you.

Ira said...

She's gorgeous on her tag Marie! Lovely trimmings! Have a great day, Ira

brudeblogg said...

This has to be a strong girl, - she wants do deside where you can put here picture. That's a good thing I think :)

joy said...

I like a girl with a mind of her own! The tag is perfect as is!

stampdiva said...

Hi Marie
I had to lol and sympathise with you but let me tell you, your PW girl is most certainly at home on the tag. Another beautiful creation. I don't know how you achieve it but I love the shades of paper you use, that off white, almost winter white, beautiful.It can be frustrating when you have a project in mind yet nothing appears to be working - definitely sit back and go with the flow - as you did here to wonderful results.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that happens a lot for me, Marie!
It's a pretty tag! She looks very pensive.

Terry said...

She is beautiful Marie and looks quite at home on this gorgeous tag!

MosaicMagpie said...

The tag is lovely, but isn't it funny when we start out making something at times it will go just as smooth as silk. It seems as though you can't make a mistake. Then other times you struggle all the way through from start to finish! Even though you struggled with this you ended up with a great finished project!

~*~Patty S said...

your PW girl looks just right at home on that lovely tag Marie...funny how our muse takes us places we had not expected sometimes...puts a smile on my face to read your post!

Joanna said...

She knew that was where she was meant to be - a girl who knows her own mind, that's all! Yes, sometimes 'stuff' just will not cooperate.

Lovely lovely tag.


Feathers and Flight said...

She is Beautiful Marie! I think it is a Good thing to Be Flexible. Sometimes we need to Bend Like a Reed in the Wind!
Have a Wonderful Week

sharon said...

This was meant to be Marie, she and the tag are perfect!

Miss Iowa said...

Super sweet tag, Marie. She probably looked lost on a bigger card, so you subconsciously decided a tag would be better. :)

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous Marie, you should link this up on Tag Tuesday, seriously!!

bikim said...

that is sooo pretty!

Diana said...

I just love those Paper Whimsy children. Your little girl was meant to be on your sweet card along with the other embellishments you chose to surround her with. I love it!

Lululiz said...

Well, it was obviously meant to be, because she looks perfectly at home on this rather gorgeous tag.

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