Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I had so much fun with the shrine that I started a new one.It's not finished but I had to share.


Nigel said...

Nice arch, and it doesn't look unfinished at all.

salige lavendel said...

I am glad you like my pictures, thank you! And yes, you may use it in your art work.I would love to see your work! You probably do not understand all the Norwegian text at my blog, but I have made a post to explain the use of my pictures. They are tagged with "creative license". (If you are not familiar with the meaning of it, you can maybe google it.)
Welcome back to my blog and grab some more pictures for your artwork if you like :)
Now I am going to look around here and see what you have created. Have a nice evening.

salige lavendel said...

Oh, I am sorry - the picture you were asking for is one of the few with "personal use only" attached to it. This is because I am using this picture in a project I have for sale. So sorry!
Hope you can find another picture at my blog you like. I give away a few pics every week, so hopefully there will be something for you to use other than this.

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