Sunday, May 28, 2017

Hello From Me

Hello my dear friends,

I hope you don't think that I'm ignoring you all but my eye did not improve, it got really worse and
my vision is not the best. Due to this I'm unable to visit your Blogs. Hopefully the cortisone I'm now taking will help and I will be able to return soon.

I created the soldered matchbox in March and like the way it came out.

Wishing you a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I will return as soon as my eye and vision improve.

Hugs and love,


susan hemann said...

lovely, hope your eye sight improves quickly!

Bente said...

So beautiful, Marie. Hope you feel better very soon.
Hugs from here

Conniecrafter said...

So sorry to hear you're still having problems with your vision, hope you get better very soon and can get back to creating and blogging.
Such a lovely creation you have made, such great texture and I love the charms and beads hanging from it!

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Hello Marie. Your matchbox is lovely. I wish you a fast recovery with you vision problems. Hugs, Sue

Dorthe said...

Hello my dear Marie,
you have been in my thoughts, I hope you received my e-mail- just saying this to be sure....I know you have not been on your computer, to rest your eye !!
Are you any better , dear friend ? I so hope you can feel some improvement , -

Your matchbox is amazing , I love the grandeur of your creation, the gorgeous soldering.

Sweetie I wish you from my heart that your eye will soon improve ,and you be able to normally see, again !!
Hugs and love from Dorthe

Rhonda said...

Oh, I pray your vision gets better. You are a talented artist!
I absolutely adore this religious piece.
Take care Marie. xxxx Rhonda

Dortesjs said...

very beautiful and vintage ;O))

Cecile Nichols said...

Hello, Marie!

I'm so sorry that you're having vision problems. That must be very frustrating! I hope you recover quickly!

Do you mind my asking about the quote in the book page you shared? It looks like a rubber stamp, "Life is Art. Paint your dreams...sing your songs...Enjoy the dance... If it is a stamp, from what company does it come?

Thank you for considering my request, and get well soon!


margits bastelstube said...

liebste marie,
vorerst hoffe ich mal, dass es dir wieder besser geht und du bald wieder deinem hobby nachgehen kannst.
dein werk ist wieder ganz wundervoll und originell geworden - wow!

Wen Green said...

It's gorgeous, Marie! I'm sorry you have such problems with your eye and do hope it will get better with the cortisone. Take care dear, xx

Curtains in My Tree said...

Love love love the clock face

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